Consider hiring a band coach

Band coaching can take many different forms, and develop a wide range of areas. I have experience helping those with little experience to set up a new band, and coaching musicians writing their first original songs. I also coach experienced bands with specific areas to develop, a new direction to pursue or higher ambitions to achieve.

Together we can find out what needs to be worked on to make that next step in your band's development. The focus can range from playing together, tightness in timing, the sound of each instrument, your setup on stage, dynamics of songs and live sets, or simply how to write great music.

Every band has its own reason to hire a band coach, so the format and frequency will always be different. Sometimes one session is enough to get you going, but in other cases weekly or monthly sessions can help you develop steadily. Call me on 07872 310 206 or email me for more information or a first appointment.
Just to name a few
Kensington: I was already teaching the bass player Jan Haker for a couple of years before he asked me to coach his band Quad. I coached the band and mixed the EP "Someday" for them - they later changed their name to Kensington, and I coached them a few more times under this outfit. Kensington are currently one of the biggest festival bands in the Netherlands. http://www.kensingtonband.com/ >

Pelvic Fins: Dolf, the bass player was taking bass guitar lessons with me, and in order to move on with his band Pelvic Fins asked me to coach them. We worked on sound and instrumental interaction, but also added and changed some crucial elements to a few of their songs. http://www.pelvicfins.nl/ >

Identity Circus: Bandcoach Magazine asked me if I would like to coach a band for an article in the magazine, to which I gladly agreed. After the first coaching session in which we worked a lot on "less is more" and related areas, Identity Circus asked me to keep coaching them. We eventually worked on all of their songs, which developed well throughout the process. They are currently recording their first EP. http://www.identitycircus.com/ >

Common Laws: This band developed from a group of students in one of the music schools I was teaching in. They wanted to write their own songs but didn't know how to get started. I coached them weekly, and they wrote a handful of great songs. I then prepared them for their first couple of gigs, and at the end of the year recorded an EP with them. Common Laws @ Facebook >

Two Way Traffic: I began coaching Two Way Traffic as a cover band, and after their third year of playing together I suggested that they were ready start writing originals. In less than a year they wrote over 40 minutes of great material, with which they became a popular live act in the region. Two Way Traffic @ Facebook >